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Living in a small town our protagonist is a stay-at-home brother looking out for his sister. A shy and innocent girl, but as he is exposed to her, his feelings will be revealed, will she be corrupted or will this be more than lust?


  • Incest (Brother-sister)
  • NTR (Avoidable)
  • Teen
  • MILF

This is the first game ever made by Royal Games. More is to come. But for that to become a reality, I will need your help! Anything will do, be that feedback, donations, or publicity. If you want to help more information can be found on my SubscribeStar page: https://subscribestar.adult/royalgames

To post feedback or receive major updates check out the public Discord or Twitter.

StatusOn hold
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRoyal Games
GenreVisual Novel
Tags18, 3D, 3dcg, Adult, daz, daz3d, Erotic, NSFW, ntr


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sad would like to see more


As long as its the MC doing the NTR it's ok.


Really hope that work on this game comes back. Just played the last update and was sad to get to the end. Please continue lol


I don't understand the NTR hate, its just another kink people may like these commenters are so fragile in there sexuality its just a game lol don't get in your feelings. Understandably  its a very short demo only being 0.2. But I'm interested with the story and  the protagonist girl is very nicely designed. Its shame what seems like a bunch of neck beards have probably killed the development of this novel with there reactions.


i agree with you there, kinks are kinks, everyone has different kinks, people today are too fucking scared to be themselves through fear of being judged,its just a game


This has great potential, and I've followed you on itch to make sure I don't miss updates.
Finished my first play through of 0.1.1 (didn't get any NTR with my initial choices, not sure what the anti-NTR folk are bitching about).
I will mention that the path with Sarah went from 0-100 in zero seconds flat, and that won't work narratively in my opinion. My assumption is that you wanted to demo the interesting parts early and that this will be less abrupt in later versions. If it's deliberate, then ignore me, I'm just a rando perv on the internet, my opinion is irrelevant.

Also, with reference to the knobheads insisting you remove NTR, tell them to fuck off. There is an audience for every fetish under the sun and these normies have no shortage of vanilla porn to satisfy them. At most, add a setting that disables NTR choices, but that seems like more effort than these assholes deserve.


Thank you for the feedback! I have changed the pace a bit, since I only wanted to show what people can expect. As for NTR, I will not remove it. As I've stated multiple times it is here to stay. But the game will never be a pure NTR game. I want to include fetishes, which people can choose to avoid or not.


I love games that allow me to explore different fetishes. Sounds like this project is going to be right up my alley.


Theres more images of NTR in the preview then anything with the protagonist. Why would anyone even consider playing this? Fucking NTR ruins everything it touches 


I like NTR and I like how the NTR is made in this game, it has many possibilities, the incest route is very interesting too, the NTR genre is very complicated to handle because there will really be many people who criticize it even if it is optional, many  games that contain NTR prefer the game to start with a question to the player, "Do you want to play with NTR enabled or NTR disabled?"  It is complicated to make the NTR and non-NTR fandom understand each other, but there are games that have made it work, it is good that the game is varied to reach more people, believe me, if you listen to those who say to eliminate NTR your game will become an ordinary and forgettable game, do what you want to do to make your game unique ❤


Thank you for the support! I have no plans to remove NTR from the game. It is here to stay. I will still make content for non-NTR if not more than NTR.


Well said, I intend to support for those exact reasons: an original game with a nice setting, not the umpteenth copypasted game where the MC fucks everything (which I assure you most of the players get bored with pretty soon).


Now I'm neither for nor against ntr, but saying "if you eliminate NTR from your game it will become ordinary and forgettable" is just absolutely nonsensical. 

(5 edits) (+7)(-2)

Okay, so i played through it, pretty short so far (barely took 15-20 minutes to go through both routes [skipping dialogue in the second playthrough]), though that's to be expected considering that this is version 0.1.1. Writing is mostly good, it's fluent and it flows well, except for some parts where some words just feel like they don't belong and are slightly grammatically incorrect. For the most part, story is pretty good, if not sort of linear, the choices so far are pretty black and white, with no real consequences for choosing the 'No' options, which can still work.

Now then, for the NTR part, like i said in my previous comment, most people abhor getting NTR'd rather than doing the NTR. So Royal Games, you're gonna have to make a tough decision here, either cut out the NTR content with the male teacher and keep the majority of your potential playerbase and supporters, or stick to your guns and keep it in and expand upon it. It's going to be really tough, but depending on how you do it, you might be able to make the NTR work. One idea is to allow the teacher to get up to a certain point with the sister, then having the MC not be a cuck and finally intervene, possibly letting the MC and the sister have a closer relationship as he saves her from being molested by the teacher.  And yeah, you should label which choice leads to NTR, even if it does slightly break Players immersion.

Because from what you have so far, the main routes seem to be: Lust (not love) and NTR'd. If you do plan to keep the NTR, you better hope to whatever it is you believe in, that you can make it work, possibly increasing your playerbase and supporters.

You should check out Sisterly Lust, your game has a similar flow to Sisterly Lust, namely with it's semi-linearity and incest plot.

Oh, and one final thing before i forget again, if you plan to continue on this game and creating more scenes, MAKE A GALLERY, having a gallery that allows players to easily revisit scenes that they've unlocked is pretty much essential in nsfw games, regardless of genre and game type.

For the time being, i'll give it a 4/5 stars, if the Itch.io allowed ratings to be out of 10, then it would be a 7/10.


Thank you for the feedback! I will take everything into consideration. Somethings have already been changed, which will be available for the next chapter. Thanks again!

(2 edits) (+8)(-1)

Lots of people being turned off by NTR, personally i don't like it either (but i've already been desensitised enough by hentai to not really care anymore), but it depends on how you do the NTR that makes it bad or tolerable. Since there hasn't been any constructive feedback yet, i'll give the game a try and hopefully be able to give you some feedback that'll help improve this game and any future games you make.

For the NTR description, you should specify what type of NTR it is, like is the mc taking someone else's girl or is the girl being taken away from the mc. That's going be the make or break for your game, as most people abhor getting NTR'd and most prefer doing the NTR.


Thank you very much! I need all the feedback I can get.